Monday, 21 October 2013

Day Soldiers: Where Vampires are for staking, not loving

Brandon Hale, trilogy, paranormal, fantasy novel

I alternate between 'love and hate' for the sexy and irresistible Vampire Hero, some days I would be quite keen to meet an Edward or Giovanni, other days I would quite happily wield the stake.
I have MUCH less tolerance for the typical Vampire novel heroine, the feisty, strong young lady who is completely unaware of her own physical charm. BLEUGH!

Good news, in 'Day Soldiers', Brandon Hale has delivered a 'Vampire Apocalyptic' fantasy ride without any of the usual romantic fluff.

The heroine, Lily, IS feisty and strong, but in love with a vampire? Not on your life! She is more comfortable fighting tooth and nail to reclaim her world, than locking lips with any blood suckers.

In Lily's reality, the human population has all but given up the fight to live free, in fact America is the only remaining 'hold out' against the Vampire and Werewolf incursion.... and this hold out teeters on the edge of capitulation as well.

Lily, who is dealing with the death of (and the responsibility for,) her whole village, has the skills and motivation to join the 'Day Soldiers', an elite group of warriors who battle to turn the tide against the surging Vampire and Werewolf populations.
But can she do more that just give her life for the cause?

Delivering a smart premise and tense writing, Day Soldiers is a step above the usual for this genre. With a protagonist to cheer for and enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged, Brandon Hale has delivered a Vampire novel you won't need to blush while reading!

Bravo Mr Hale!

Day Soldiers is available for purchase through via the link shown below:

:'Day soldiers' by Brandon Hale

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