Monday, 25 November 2013

Books to kick start your life.

Books for personal growth

Life is funny sometimes, the rut we are in can be so comfortable it is hard to even want to get out of it.

Eventually,given enough time,  a creeping sense of unease may lead us to take action.... or in some less 'friendly' cases a great big reality check will do the same thing.

Whether we need change in body, mind or spirit, there are thousands of books that can inspire.

The best ones can be read whenever you need them for a boost and like good friends are always fresh, helpful and motivating.

I have put together a quick list of my own favourite 'go to' books.

My top 5 life 'kick starters':

  • 'The Magic of thinking Big' by David J. Schwartz PHD - Perhaps a little dated in its style, but undoubtedly a classic in the genre. 'The Magic of Thinking Big' was one of the first books to encourage us to employ our 'attitude' to improve our lives. Still resonates.
  • 'Born to Run', by Christopher McDougall - This may seem a strange choice for a list of books to kick start a 'life rejuvenation', but I found this book to be motivating on so many levels, not all running related. Something about the simplicity of the approach, paring back to the basics, inspired me not only to start running in my bare feet, but also to look at the unnecessary complication in all aspects of life.
  • 'The Happiness Project', By Gretchen Rubin - I know I have reviewed this book before, but there is a good reason to include it in this list! It is so practical in its approach; every time I browse its pages I find something new that 'speaks' to me. At the moment it is the chapter on clutter that seems relevant, next time I read it, I am sure I will be taken by another section.
  • 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior', by Dan Millman - Another relatively 'old' book, just goes to show that inspiration never goes out of style! With elements of parable in the storytelling, Millman, a former successful athlete, guides the reader on a journey to a realisation that life has 'no ordinary' moments. While I am never sure which parts of the book are real and which fantasy (and if I'm honest some of the writing feels a little 'hokey'), I am always left feeling amazingly optimistic about my own life after reading about Dan's. 
  • 'Find your Strongest Life', by Marcus Buckingham - This book had an immediate impact on my life, leading me to put into place steps to leave a job I felt tied to, but uninspired by. While written specifically for women, I am sure that anyone can benefit from its wisdom, encouraging us to deliberately 'unbalance' our lives so that more time is spent on the 'important' and inspiring parts and less on that which drains and deadens.
The power of words is a funny but predictable thing. Just writing this post has left me feeling, encouraged, energised and inspired!
I would love to hear which books are 'kick starters' in your life, please feel free to comment with titles to consider.

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