Sunday, 3 August 2014

'Prince of Thorns': Bloodthirsty, Epic, Anti- hero fun!

When I introduced 'The Book Circle' in my last post, I promised only 'Killer' reads would come from the hallowed minds of the circle... for my first 'Book Circle' review, I have decided to go one better with a truly Killer series.

'Prince of Thorns' is the first in this (thankfully fully complete) series and it DELIVERS  in spades.

While I admit it took me a few chapters to fully 'get' where Lawrence was going with this book (please don't give up on this one early), once I did, WOW!

Lawrence has created an immensely intriguing premise underscoring the world in which his characters live.
No, I am not going to spoil it for you, but I will say that when the truth of the 'world' crystallized in my mind I was Impressed (yes, with a capital I) and completely hooked.

The series starts off knee deep in bloody violence and I have to admit I was not loving the characters at this stage; especially Jorg; the 'anti-hero' around whom the series revolves.
He seemed frankly evil and unlovable (as most evil folk are) and I could not imagine why I would want to read more about this horribly damaged individual.
Only the recommendation of my Book Circle buddy kept me optimistic about this books potential.

It was a case of confidence well place as the series unfolds into an epic tale of manipulation, magic and the single minded pursuit of (justifiable) revenge; 

'damn the consequences and collateral damage'.

The supporting cast is well rounded as Jorg attracts both those who are drawn to his rampant violence and those who wish to save him from his own dark and troubled mind.

I read all three books in this series (that yes, as the cover suggests have been compared with the work of George R R Martin in excellence) in four days; relieved, as I mentioned earlier, that the work was complete and I would not have to wait for the conclusion.

Read this series if you love a fantasy epic where the world is recognisable and the story is truly unique and gripping.

All books in the 'Prince of Thorns' series by Mark Lawrence are available from, via the following link:

'Prince of Thorns

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