Monday, 26 January 2015

Dark Places By Gillian Flynn

'Dark Places' begins as a nightmare unfolds, all blurry unformed characters and unspeakable violence. 

I began this novel with that 'I'm on a sure thing' feeling I often get with familiar authors who regularly deliver fantastic plots and first class mental escapes.
Very quickly however, I found myself putting the book down and wrapping my arms around my shoulders in a comforting hug (no, a real person was not available at the time ;).

'Dark Places' starts off so very dark it is almost hard to read.
With characters who are both remote and prickly and a story line that involves a mass murder and satanism (complete with cattle sacrificed in the name of  the devil) a relaxed read this is not!

The story follows Lilly Day and her family backwards and forwards through time, from the day all but two of them were slaughtered and the current day, some thirty years later.

We see Lilly morph from a sensitive and anxious seven year old to a damaged and brittle thirty- something woman. Her soul (which she describes as a scribble with fangs) has been brutalised by what she has seen and the 'knowledge' that her brother, Ben, was the killer who took her families future.

Enter the 'Kill Club' an underground group of 'nerds' (Lilly's words not mine!) who are fascinated with infamous murders, their victims and perpetrators. The group approaches Lilly to speak to their group, before verbally attacking her for helping convict her brother twenty five years ago.......

Let the who dunnit begin!

Read this book with the light on and a preparedness to put it aside to allow your mind to recover and regroup!

In the end, I loved this one for its' unblinking look into the inky black heart of human depravity.

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'Dark Places' By Gillian Flynn

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