Sunday, 27 March 2016

'Poe' by J. Lincoln Fenn: Demonically Good fun!

I have had the recent misfortune of reading a couple of real 'clangers' in a row.
Books that leave your teeth feeling rotted and your IQ level depleted upon completion (yes, I still have that issue with finishing books once I start...).

All this fictional garbage has left me feeling desperate for a 'real book', a book that is as satisfying as a healthy meal after a weekend binge.

'Poe', By J. Lincoln Fenn is just this kind of book; witty and horrific; gruesome and poignant with a twisty wonderful plot to boot.

The protagonist, Dimitri, is a delightful slacker, who does everything in his power to avoid setting foot in his workplace.
When he does show up, Dimitri is the author of the local Paper's most popular column, the Obituaries; which when you think about it, says a lot about his small town.

The story starts when Dimitri becomes column inches for his own byline; drowning in an abandoned well in the basement of a derelict mansion, notorious for tragic events.
Our hero does us the immense favor of not remaining dead; discovering when he does that the life of the miraculously 'not dead' is more complicated and rich than his wildest 'slacker' dreams.

Romance, demon hunting and ghost whispering ensue, all of which left this reader awake into the early hours of consecutive mornings (because unfortunately I did have to leave the house to work in the interim).

I would recommend 'Poe' as a wonderful tonic anytime you feel exhausted by mediocre reads; sink your mind into this book, you will feel all the better for it!

'Poe" is available for download or order from via the following link:

'Poe', By J. Lincoln Fenn

I am optimistic that we have  not heard the end of Dimitri, he is a character that deserves at least a sequel!

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