Tuesday, 14 June 2016

'A Dark Lure': Read and Read Again!

One of the best measures of a good book is the tried and tested 'Second Read Test'. (Patent pending of course;).

Can I scroll back through my Kindle history, open the book, drag the percentage read bar back to '0' and dive in again with as much pleasure as the first time read?

(For those of you who are disgusted by my love for the e-format, I guess you could just open the book back at page one.)

Now, while I don't want to confuse you with complicated mathematical equations, (all tested of course in the 'Little Miss Kindle' research facility) I will say this:

The better the book, the sooner a successful 'reread' can be achieved.

From this equation it can be assumed, that the very best book would stand being reread immediately after the last word on the last page has been scanned.

I have yet to find this holy grail of great books (no... poems don't count), though I have found many that can stand a same year or even same month read.

'A Dark Lure' by Loreth Anne White is one such book that has successfully passed the reread test, slotting in with a very respectable reread at month seven!

What is it about 'A Dark Lure' that enabled this success? 

Is it the menacing tone, underpinned by the ever present grey and foreboding onset of winter (Think deep snow and frost bitten toes)?
Is it the heroine, Sarah Baker, who is attempting to hide from her past as the 'one that lived' after escaping from the brutal 'Watt Lake Serial Killer'?
Perhaps it is the handsome, capable and equally conflicted hero who is realizing that family and love might save him after all? (I do love a hero who is as capable as he is cute!)
Surely it's not the animalistic perversity of the Watt Lake Killer himself that makes this novel a definite reread winner?

If you were to ask me, I would say it is all of the above, wrapped in a chilling and tense thriller that makes 'A Dark Lure' so appealing as a novel to read again.

If you like scary page turners then this one is for you! Read it now, you'll thank me in seven months (or less).

As always, Happy Reading!

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  1. This book sounds awesome - thanks for your great review (also I love a good ereader and the satisfying feeling of dragging the percentage back to 0!)