Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bloodwalker: By L. X. Cain; Unique and Chilling!

I will make you a bold promise before you read 'Bloodwalker' by L. X. Cain....

You have NOT read this book before.

You will not find it published under a different title, written by a different author with a slightly different plot.
The characters will not mingle in your mind with those from other dark thrillers, merging into one vague, troubled mass.
Bottom line, you will find it wonderfully...... unique.

It is not often I can, in good conscience, make that promise. 
Being a card carrying reading addict(read-anon member #43) I am reading ALL the time and to be honest, most books remind me of other books.
This is not usually a bad thing, especially if I loved the book I am reminded of. 
It is however, my version of paradise to lose myself in the plot of a book that stands alone.

Best of all; you will NOT figure out what the hell is going on!

In 'Bloodwalker' , L. X, Cain deftly weaves her magic through two seemingly separate stories; both dark, both laced with a sense of creeping dread.
Each staring a protagonist who feels damaged beyond repair and unworthy of any hope for their own lives. Both retain however, a sense of responsibility to their communities.

Rurik, former Strong Man for the Zorka Circus, now reduced to security, has uncovered a horrific string of child abductions and murders linked to the circus.
The authorities are clueless to the connection; with the children separated by country and language.
Disfigured to gargoyle proportions by a lightening strike at age seventeen, he is left unable to show his face without inspiring fear and revulsion. How can he, the ultimate circus freak, track down the worst type of criminal? 
Crucially though, he has a clue, gathered from a strange and brutal fight with the killer. A button from a antiquated clown costume; is this the evidence he will need to catch the killer and stop the stomach turning crimes?

Sylvie is fighting her own battle, born into a family of Romanian 'Bloodwalkers' (women who over countless generations have tended to the dead), she is to be married to a stranger; as is the custom of the Skomori Tribe.

She is elated and frightened, will her failures as a Bloodwalker be exposed during the ceremony? Will her new husband reject her?
Sylvie's story is particularly bleak; bound to a tradition that suffocates her and shreds her self worth, then to a husband who is abusive.
She is however, lovely, a ray of light that illuminates others, yet leaves herself in darkness. 

With murder and violence dogging both their steps it is inevitable (and frankly Yay!) that Sylvie and Rurik will find their way to each others' half of the plot.

Together can they stop the horror before it destroys them?

I loved the elements in this book; 'Bloodwalker' is crammed full of darkness and has a suffocating atmosphere that will chill readers, immersing us into this strange and frightening world.

With classic nods to the horror genre, despicable clowns, a circus that harbors death and the more unusual,  a heroine whose life work is to minister to the dead, this book could not be any more delicious.

Yes, this is every part a five star read!

Get on board, before the lights are dimmed, the Big Top lowered and the Circus leaves town.

Happy (and creepy) reading to all lovers of the dark and twisted corner of the book shelf.

xo LMK.

Disclaimer: I was kindly provided with a review copy of 'Bloodwalker' in return for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own thoughts on the work.

Buy it, Read it!

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  1. Thank you very much for reading and for the detailed review!

    1. It was my absolute pleasure Lexa; quite obviously I loved the book:) Good luck with the release!