Thursday, 22 September 2016

Things I Clearly Need to be a better Writer.....

'Qwerkywriter' from Urban Outfitters
Well, if I'm honest, this post is basically me advertising to myself.

You see I want one of these gorgeous little beauties so bad!

I can just see me (for some reason in Film Noir style black and white) tapping away on a genre defining master piece late into the night. Coffee on one side, Whiskey on the other.

Of course I have fallen victim to the

'If I  just had this 'one thing' I could move moutains!'

curse before. No, this is definitely NOT my first rodeo.

A testament to this being the water rower currently gathering dust in my spare room, the Kitchen Aid food processor that did NOT revolutionise my cooking (thanks Jamie Oliver) and any number of vitamins slowly shuffling towards their expiry dates in my pantry.

But this, an old timey key board that wirelessly contects to my device; surely this is real?

I am absolutely confident it will deliver on every writing benefit I am imagining for myself, including but not limited to:

  • A sudden ability to write 'romantic' scenes where the word 'throbbing' does not appear.
  • An unshakeable commitment to 'doing the work'. Daily, As in EVERY day.
  • Stomp all over writers block. (I'll be all like, 'Writers Block, What!?')
  • Never ever. ever, getting confused on what tense I am writing in, ever; and perhaps most importantly
  • Always having the patience to edit, edit and re-edit before launching my genius onto the world.

So here I go, whipping out my credit card to do a little ESSENTIAL online shopping.

Happy Writing!


p.s. happy to hear about any actual 'sure things' ;)
pps I still want one.....


  1. Y'know, I've found many of the benefits you seek $390 cheaper with a good pen & pad of paper 😉😃

    1. What is this 'Pen and Paper' that you speak of? ;)