Saturday, 15 October 2016

'Brave Enough' By Cheryl Strayed: Prepare to be Delighted!

For a self described 'over thinker' it is strange that I had never given any real thought to the power of quotes, other than to acknowledge the ones I love and to firmly believe in their inbuilt power to inspire and uplift.

But the 'how’ behind their pithy, emotional clout, I had no real concept. It had never occurred to me to consider why certain phrases can move the collective consciousness with an efficiency and consistency usually only seen in nature.

Why ‘I had a dream’ and ‘We will never give up’ and ‘'Be the change…’ all have the power to resonate across the world and stay inspiring. The soul shaking impact of their message not fading with the passing of time.

In the forward to Cheryl Strayed’s new book, 'Brave Enough: A Mini Instruction Manual for the Soul'; she discusses this ‘why’and her insights into the ongoing power of quotes caused me to have what is called in the ‘self help’ world an ‘Ah ha!’ moment.

As Strayed puts it;

“"Their (quotes) existence is proof that others have questioned, grappled with, and come to know the same truths we question and grapple with too.”
For me then, quotes are nothing less wonderful than empathy and understanding, solidified into words, then inked onto the pages of humanity. Little snippets of truth that can be shared across all boundaries of faith and space and time.

What's Inside?

In her lovely little book, Strayed has selected those quotes that continue to guide her and move her.
Most are her own;
‘'I considered my options.
There was only one, I knew.
There was always only one.
To keep walking.”
Some attributed to others;

“If your nerve deny You-;
Go above your nerve”

Emily Dickinson

Some are hard truths and some gentle, all will speak to her readers at the time when they are needed. Jumping from the page at the appropriate moment to offer motivation, solace, inspiration or just a kick in the pants.

I  loved this charismatic book, wrapped like a chocolate in its pale pink cover. Reading it was a 'stop and start' process; with frequent pauses necessary to absorb those lines that caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.
'Brave Enough' is a must have for any library that seeks to enlighten as well as entertain; as all the best libraries do!

For similar reviews, check out my Better Life Reads, it's a theme I love to revisit:)

Happy (and uplifting) reading!

xoxo LMK

Buy it, read it!

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