Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Romance with 'The Obsession' by Nora Roberts

It is true, I am a word glutton.

As far as the seven deadly sins go, I am sure this is one of the less 'deadly'; after all, my endless pursuit of wordy calories doesn't hurt anyone (other than the occasional assault on my families taste buds when I cook, book in one hand, spoon in the other).

This being the case, it should come as no surprise that I LOVE to listen to audio books when I travel.

There is nothing better than an audio book to take the 'trial' out of travel, turning distance to cover from a burden to benefit.

On a long journey, a really great plot will transport your mind to an alternate reality, even as your car transports you to your destination.

Living, as I do, in Australia, the distances are VAST and the opportunities for word feasts are many (yay).
Normally, when I choose an audio book, it is to see me through a trip of at least ten hours; meaning when I've achieved my 'there and back', so has the story.
Recently however, I downloaded a book to keep me entertained for a solo drive of a mere three hours. 

My book philosophy? Take your reading (or in this case being read to) opportunities when they arise, however small.

As my travelling companion, I chose 'The Obsession' by Nora Roberts, who I have come to adore as the author of the 'In Death' series under the pseudonym 'J.D Robb'.

 I was optimistic she would not disappoint me. Supremely confident that she would deliver a book that was sexy and intricate; one that could make the passing hours seem irrelevant in the face of the unfolding story.

'The Obsession' delivered on my expectations and then some!
I was quickly lost in the plot, creeping though the dark and frightening chapters with Robert's heroine, Naomi Bose.
Naomi, a mere 'twelve on Monday' saves a young woman from death at the hands of a depraved (is there any other kind?) serial killer. 
Needless to say, her life will never be the same.

'The Obsession' follows Naomi as she grows from adolescent to woman, indelibly changed by her encounter with evil.

Composed, self contained, beautiful and artistic, Naomi dares to set down roots in small town America.
First home, first love, can she have a normal life; or is that a shadow of evil we see passing over her sun?

Here's where my story gets intense!

You see, I'm dating this audio book. Our relationship is rather one sided, 'The Obsession' is always available when I hop into my car (I seem to be strictly a travel listener).
Our first date was long and satisfying; you get to know a book after three hours in its' company!
Dates two through seven, were rather shorter; but still amazing. Snippets of intrigue and romance delivered over twenty minute listening sessions.

So here I am, deeply in love with this relationship, conducted solely in the privacy of my car. Sad to know it will have to end soon.
Fact is, I don't yet know if Naomi can have it all; but I am having the BEST time finding out.

If you are travelling soon, why not jump into your own audio book romance! I highly recommend 'The Obsession'; after all, I'm not the jealous type:)

As always, Happy reading! 
xx LMK

P.S The narration is by Shannon McManus and it is 'on point'.

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