Thursday, 19 January 2017

Five Words to Dump This Year

As a book blogger (who quite honestly struggles to stay on topic) it should come as no surprise that I have a passion for words way past what is sensible.

I love the way they can inspire, influence and even transport me to other worlds.
Worlds that exist only at the whim of words!
I love the way they change, I love the way they make me laugh and I sure as hell respect their power.

Books, while I love them, have been relegated to a relatively small percentage of the words we read.

They are our pleasure and escape ration. The words we read to nourish our minds, escape from our day, inspire tingles in our loins, frighten the life out of us, intrigue us, make us swoon, force tears to leak from the corners of our eyes and sometimes (God forbid), even learn.

The remaining quota of our wordy feast we absorb from an incredibly wide range of sources; which is a joy, an eye opener and sometimes a soul crushing excursion into the collective consciousness.

For this reason, I really wish that some words would disappear.

Not from existence or in an 'out of the dictionary' kind of way; retained in the lexicon but removed from requirement.
No longer in use. Kept as vintage horrors, described in museums, spoken of in hushed whispers by torchlight under covers. Bottom line, redundant.

A girl can dream.

Here is my list of words that can get lost; feel free to comment with yours!

Five Words to Dump this Year:

Vitriol: 'Burning or caustic'. In the social media age the frequent tool of the haters and opinionated. Usually utilized by those with no insight into their own impact. People who could not even imagine a world in which they might be wrong; or shudder, that there are shades of grey.

Hater: 'A person who thrives on the hate of other people or things'. Often found wielding their vitriolic weapons with careless abandon. I find this one especially awful. I mean, 'thrives on the hate'. That just gives me chills!

Clickbait: 'Misleading text or images driving web traffic':  Otherwise known as 'The shocking secret Angelina kept from Brad!".

Sensationalize: 'To make sensational'.  As Taylor Swift put it, 'God this is exhausting'. Can we just read what happened? Is that even a thing?

Last but by no means least in my sites for 'use based' extinction:

Intolerance: 'Unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect beliefs other than your own'. I know I have a theme here, but people. seriously, I think we need to take on board our Mothers wisdom.

'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!'

So there you have it. The words that are getting under my skin.

I find them all.... intolerable? :)

xoxo LMK

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