Friday, 25 October 2013

Want a quick life 'escape'? The top three escapist 'worlds' on my Kindle

Reading is the ultimate escape, there is nothing like looking up from a book and being surprised to see your own home.
In point of fact, this is the ruler by which I measure the success of an escapist read. When my home seems less real than the world on the page.... well the author's mission has been accomplished.

A Game of Thrones, book reviewHere are my top three picks for immersive reads.

1.  'A Song of Fire and Ice, The epic series by George R. R Martin has to be
the last word in 'alternative world' creation.
Don't rely on the television to bring you the mere 'gist' of the world Mr Martin has created. You need to 'read' the books to feel the cold seep into your bones, to shiver as the lurking evil creeps slowly from beneath the slow laden trees, to feel revulsion as the feral offspring of Cersai and Jaime reveal their true nature. For heavens sakes people, you HAVE to READ this one.

Ok, I might need to take a moment here before I move on....

Zombie fiction, survivalist

2. 'The Remaining'. If you like your escapist world to be distinctly on the
apocalyptic side.... then this series by D.J Molles is for you. I know it was for me. A great premise, a soldier trained specifically to guide survivors
through world shattering events, finds himself adrift in a world full of 'infected' who are intent on, you guessed it, chowing down on the 'remaining' human population.
Don't be put off by the grisly nature of the Zombie genre, sure this series has
its fair share of gross, but the focus is firmly on the disintegration of the rule of law and decency as the 'scum' attempts to rise to the top.

True Blood, Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse, fantasy, vampire3 The 'True Blood' series. God Bless Sookie Stackhouse, the sexy, gifted, part fairie, adventurous heroine of the True Blood Novels. Escape
to our world, only with more blood suckers and shifters and less need for clothes.
You have to love this exuberant mix of scares with, well, sex.
You might not want to live in her town, but it sure is fun to read about!
(p.s I won't judge you if you do want to live in her town!)

Keep posted as there is MUCH more escapism to follow of the pages of this blog, after all, isn't that what reading is all about?

All books in these series are available for purchase through
via the links in this page.

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