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Alice Clayton; Is 'Wallbanger' truly worth the hype?

Alice Clayton's 'Wallbanger'
Worth a read?
Warning: Wallbanger certainly does contain 'adult themes', if this is not your cup of tea, bypass this one.

I have to be truthful, despite hovering near the top of bestselling lists and being thoroughly hyped, I turned my back on the 'buy' button when it came to Wallbanger for MONTHS.

It was the name you see, 'Wallbanger'. 

Wallbanger... sounded to me, trite and cheap and most probably not worth the trouble. 
Question is, was I right (I love being right!)?

Answer is, well no..... and here is why.

Wallbanger is actually LOTS of fun to read and sometimes fun is enough.

Clayton ensures her main characters (Caroline and Simon, AKA, 'wallbanger') do not 'disappoint', or infuriate.
 I am sure you know what I mean here, there is nothing worse than cookie cutter, angst ridden, borderline certifiable characters. Especially the ones who still manage to rise above all this to find 'true love' within the space of 300 pages.

Caroline and Simon have a host of likeable qualities, (Caroline loves to bake, is a successful designer and to a large degree has her life together. Simon is a talented photographer who travels the world) there is a chance that if you knew them, you might want to be friends. Nice.

First world problems however, abound for the characters in this novel, from Caroline's missing 'O' (yes, this probably stands for what you think it does) to Simon's concerns re 'being picket fenced' by one woman.
While CaSi's problems seem trivial, the slow burn of their entanglement seems less so. Clayton manages to develop their relationship at a pace that makes their attraction seem plausible and possibly, just ever so slightly, 'real world-esque'. A nice change from the 'Fifty Shades' style instant obsessive hook up.

If I had one issue with the book, the end seems overly long and I grew tired of the love birds 'new couple glow' a touch before they did.

My advice, pack your worries and your minds away and just enjoy. A good summer beach, (or winter fireside) read.

'Wallbanger' is available for purchase through via the link shown below:

'Wallbanger' by Alice Clayton

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