Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Is it ok to criticise?

Some books are just awful....

 It is sad, but true. Even sadder, somehow when I start a book, I just have to keep going. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have not 'seen a book through' to the end.

Result.... lots of time reading really BAD books. 

The question I am asking myself now, at the beginning of this book review adventure;

'Should I be including negative book reviews on Little Miss Kindle?'

My knee jerk reaction is of course I should! People have a right to know and maybe, just maybe I can help other innocent people avoid my pain. 
is criticism of authors ok
Am I 'Ducking' my reviewer responsibilities?
My softer, gentler side feels, well, sorry, for those poor authors who have slaved over their novel for months if not years. Pouring heart and soul into its creation..... only to have me (who really is just one opinionated person) say it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
It all seems a bit nasty.

Bottom line is, I am undecided.... I could choose just omit to include 'bad' books from my reviews.
Or I could put on my big girl trousers and let it rip....


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