Friday, 8 November 2013

Become an 'Opportunist' (fan:)

When I am trawling Amazon, looking for the next occupant for my Kindle, I often check out reader reviews.

Indulge me for a moment, and let me share a line from a reader review for 'The Opportunist' by Tarryn Fisher;

'I kept putting off picking it up, even as its hauntingly seductive cover peered up at me enticingly from the table where I'd proudly, if skittishly, placed my copy. ' 

Yep, this review, nearly single handedly made me NOT have a crack at this book. (I am hopeful I do not have to explain why...)

Numerous 5 star ratings however from over 900 readers, made me reconsider.

After whipping through the book, I feel compelled to compile a quick list;

5 reasons for 'Romance fans' to relish 'The Opportunist'

1. Olivia Kaspen. Female protagonist and recovering badass, Olivia has baggage to spare and some surprising attributes. Olivia lied and manipulated her way into a relationship that defined her life, (one true love rings a bell here) never once realising it was hers for the taking from the get go. As Olivia helpfully comments at the beginning of the book, 'If I love something I rip it from my life.' 
Sad and loveable at the same time.

2. Caleb Drake. Ok ladies, he is tall and handsome and not to provide a spoiler, but he is BIG time unhappy with our girl (all the while harbouring undying love of course). Throw a wicked new fiance and amnesia into the mix and we have a live one! 

3. Oliva Kaspen. Did I mention she will do nearly anything to regain the love of her life? Did I mention he has amnesia? Enough said.

4. Tarryn Fisher slides her story seamlessly between the past and the present gradually unravelling the truth behind her characters and their relationship. Oliva's self hate is examined and in my mind at least, the need for it questioned. 

5. This Romance is not 'cookie cutter', you have not read it before. The characters do not (for the main part) seem generic. After reading lots of books in this genre, this achievement on the part of the author is to be applauded.

Of course, in the way of so many books these days, The opportunist heralds the beginning of a series. I have just downloaded the second book (Dirty Red) and will let you know whether to do the same....

'The Opportunist' is available for purchase through via the following link:

'The Opportunist' by Tarryn Fisher

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