Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Jack Daniels: J A Konrath delivers a killer series

Who doesn't love a determined yet flawed detective? Who doesn't love a little gruesome mixed in with their mystery? Who doesn't love it when the aforementioned detective has their own series written by 'Thriller' King, J A Konrath?
Well obviously there are some completely 'reasonable' people who love none of the above, but I, happily, am not one of them.
If you share my love of the crime novel and you have yet to discover Jack Daniels, (the character, not the drink) let me do the honours and introduce you.

Forty something and divorced, with a love for late night infomercials and designer suits , Jack has found herself married to the job. Although quite an optimist, even Jack realises her life kind of 'sucks'. Her only real relationship (besides that with her mother) is with her partner Herb and less comfortably, with the serial killers that she hunts. 

Which brings us to the problem, the serial killers Jack hunts, seem as interested in her, as they are in their next victim...... and wouldn't it tie things up nicely for them if Jack could participate 'personally' in their quest for infamy?

Oh dear..... luckily for the reader, Jack brings nerves of steel and an unerringly accurate 'gut' to the table, a combination which leaves her 'one up' in most cases..... but not before we are all good and scared..... and thoroughly amused.
Witty dialogue and laugh out loud moments punctuate the novels, meaning that yes, even a 'scaredy cat' like me can read these at home, alone, at night, in a blackout..... and still sleep like a baby after.

A great fast paced series that kept me hitting 'buy' on my kindle to get next installment until sadly, I ran out of Jack Daniels books....

Get your hands on this chilling, thriling and funny series at Amazon.com via the following link:

The "Jack Daniels' Series; By J. A. Konrath

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