Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Romancing the Page

Is it only me, or has there been a steady move towards replacing romance with sex on the printed page (and human partners with the paranormal)?
While I will not argue that sex does not have its place in literature, I do argue that sex, by itself at least, is not romance.
'Lust' at first sight, is not synonymous with 'love' and instant fireworks in the bedroom is not a fool-proof method for identifying life long compatibility (hey, don't shoot the messenger, it's true!).

Truth is I am getting sick of lazy authors thinking it is enough to describe an 'instant connection' (usually before any words are exchanged) between an awkward yet beautiful young woman and a powerful, smouldering, handsome, slightly older man (who, by the by, is most often  a 'shifter', Vampire or Guardian Angel).

 I could forgive the pre-conversation sparks, if something in the following interactions supported the inevitability of the 'fall' into love....... most of the time however, this evidence is missing. The girl merely simpers, offering occasional examples of spunk as the guy struggles with his own urges to protect at all costs.


In the face of all this 'new school' formulaic 'Romance', I thought I would offer some 'old school' (in fact and or style) literary romance for you to enjoy... read on for my list of real 'Romance' novels to sigh over!

1) 'A Room with a View', by E. M. Forster; Number one for so many reasons! The lies, the 'Kiss', the simmering slow burn of an attraction denied. Love it.

2) 'Pride and Prejudice', by Jane Austin; I have two words for you......'Mr
Darcy'. Case closed.

3) 'Jamaica Inn', By Daphne Du Maurier; Terror and Romance all tied up in a bleak and compelling book. This
is a definite 'read again' (and again) novel.

4)'Girl with a Pearl Earring', By Tracy Chevalier; Beautifully realised
story of forbidden love.

One more point in favour of these books.... none of them herald the start of a series. Hallelujah! 

All these romantic reads are available for purchase through, to get started click on the title links above:)

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