Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Profilers Daughter: A Criminally good Thriller

It is not too often that I give the cover of a book such a large pride of place at the beginning of my reviews, in this case however, I have made an exception.
Not because I think it is a particularly great cover either; I am honestly not really sure what is going on with the red nails and the fingerless glove, but I digress. I have given this cover priority for one reason only.....

If you see it.... I want you to buy it.

'The Profilers Daughter' by P.M Steffen, grabbed me by the brain and dragged me inside its pages within the first three pages of the book and sadly (for the rest of my life's responsibilities) did not let me go until I finished the last satisfying words. Then, three weeks later, I read it again!

If I had to characterise the 'what' that makes this such a great read (and given that I am writing book reviews, I probably do), I would say the following:

  • Steffen has created a relative rarity in the crime thriller genre; a plot that is truly multi layered. The reader meets Sky Stone (the 'Profilers Daughter') and quickly finds themselves immersed in her life both past and present. Her deep personal losses, her frailties, romances, family and professional life. This is refreshing, we meet Sky outside of the context of the 'case at hand' and darn it if that does not make the reader 'care' about Miss Stone.
  • The 'murderous' aspects of the plot rattle along at a fast pace; the sense of a pervading darkness and evil grows equally quickly and soon the reader and supporting characters alike become very concerned for the welfare of our (too) fearless heroine.
  • Sky is wonderfully human, and her choices throughout the novel reflect this. She does some brave things, some silly things, hurtful things and wise things. I have to admit, I found her character to be relate-able and I love that in my crime fighting heroes!
Most importantly I would say I loved this book for the quality of the writing, I felt like I was reading a 'proper' book. A book I could proudly recommend to any book club, a book I could read and re read without its charm fading.

If you love a well written and sinister crime thriller, then please, please, read this one!

The Profilers Daughter is available for purchase through via the link shown below:

Happy Reading

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