Monday, 28 April 2014

Reading Addiction Issues

Reading Addiction tote from Society6
Reading Addiction Tote

Sometimes I am guilty of paying too much attention to my book and not enough to the real world.

 In the interests of public service I have compiled the following useful list:

The top 10 reasons to suspect you might have a reading 'problem'.

1 - Your husband (wife/ housemate/ child) 'accidentally' sits on your Kindle three times in one day.

2 - Your husband (wife/ housemate/ child) seems visibly frustrated when your device is still functional after 'accident' number three.

3 - You find yourself reaching for a jumper in the middle of summer because 'Winter is coming'.

4 - You don't sleep for nights at a time because you happen to be reading a trilogy and you NEED to know what happens.

5 -  You take the day off work to finish some DIY at home only to find by dusk you have nothing to show for it but a finished book.

6 - You ask someone to hide your book from you so you can cook dinner.

7 - You search the house, find your book and read it while stirring the pasta sauce. (The bottom of the pan is supposed to be black, right?)

8 - You pretend to go to the toilet to read 'just a few more pages'. Your family suspects irritable bowel.

9 - If you find yourself 'bookless' for more than a day, you begin to exhibit symptoms similar to those of a panic attack.


10 - You lie awake at night worrying that you are addicted to reading before downloading a book on the subject of addiction.... just to be sure.

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