Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse... sponsored by the NRA?

It is not my usual style to be controversial, but it has occurred to me recently that every Zombie book I have read (and I have read and LOVED a lot of them) could have been written by a gun toting NRA promoter.

Here are the top signs that the Zombie Apocalypse (in fiction at least!) is sponsored by the NRA:

- Ammunition caches are the centre of every surviving colony.
- No one shoots a gun, without first a description of its caliber and specs.
- The hero's all pack heat, a hockey stick, apparently, is a poor substitute for a rifle.
- True preppers may prefer sling shots, but not in Zombie fiction! There is always a handy stack of weapons and ammo at hand.

I often wonder, living as I do in a country with strict gun controls, how exactly am I expected to survive the coming of the Zombie?

According to popular Zombie reads, the answer is simple.

I'm not.

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  1. This is hilarious! I'd never thought about it before, but now I can totally see that the rise of the zombie books, movies, TV shows is an NRA conspiracy! It's brilliant and no one would ever suspect ... except you ...

    I've been browsing your site for an hour, looking for a way to sub an ARC for review. I finally have to give up looking. Now I'm just throwing myself on your mercy. If you're open to a review request for a fast-paced thriller with some creepy macabre in it, please drop me a line at laura.6eg(at)