Monday, 2 June 2014

Millionaire: No. 2 in a LMK series; 'Books and Money'.

You have to admit, 'Millionaire', is quite a catchy title for a book on Real Estate investment; as is the promise that it contains '170 Incredible Investment Insights guaranteed to boost your property profits'.

Strange thing is, while not all of the 170 insights are marvelously inspirational or original, enough of them are to make this book well worth the cover price.

Authors, Steve McKnight and Stu Silver have a rare combination of credibility (as actual successful investors) and the genuine desire to share their knowledge. The book is not just a 300 page advertisement for a seminar you have to attend before you get the gold standard advice, there is gold in every chapter!

The structure of the book is also a refreshing change from dull (if not informative) finance guides. McKnight and Silver have basically transcribed a conversation they had on stage at a seminar (I knew there had to be a seminar in there somewhere!) where they swapped stories, shared insights and had the odd jovial disagreement.

The real factor in the book's success is the intent behind its creation. McKnight and Silver aimed to create a series of questions and answers that they would like to share with an audience of people who they loved and respected. Moreover, shared under the assumption that this would be the last chance they had to impart their hard won wisdom.

This intent shines through and had me sharing (unwelcome I might add) property investment gems with my husband at regular intervals (for the record, I think I just about have him hooked.....).

 If you like the idea of getting massive amounts of information and inspiration in the one spot  then 'Millionaire'  is a no brainer; just don't blame me if you start scanning real estate web sites for flippers, rentals and 'urgent sales'.

Millionaire is available for sale through through the following link;


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