Monday, 26 May 2014

Fixing your financial attitude! No. 1 in a 'LMK' series: 'Books and Money'.

It may be true that money can't buy love or happiness, but 'lack of' money can sure be a bummer.

Given that in my 'real life' I work in the finance industry, I decided I should have a good look at books about money.

I wanted to answer a few questions for myself, with the most prominent one being;

Can reading a book really improve your financial situation?
I really hope that the answer is yes! Otherwise I feel my faith in the power of books will be somewhat shaken..... and we don't want that!

In an attempt to approach this topic logically, I am starting out with books that deal with money and the mind. By my way of thinking, if your brain is not on board, no book about budgeting will be of any help at all!

While researching money and the mind I came across hundreds of books dealing with 'the law of attraction', you know, books with titles like 'Powerful affirmations to call money into your life' and 'Automatic Wealth; The attraction factor' (by the way one of those titles is real and one I made up....).

Now, I know that everyone from your next door neighbour to Oprah ('The Secret' anyone?) is a fan of these books, but me, not so much. They smack too much of a 'get rich with no effort' approach and while I really wish 'the law' were true, I think the reality is not quite so sweet and simple.

So here is a little list of books that do require you to work on your mindset, without promising instant money!

Two Great books on 'Money and the Mind'......

'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill; This book is a classic for a reason! Some of the examples may be dated but the advice is not :)

'The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom' By Suze Orman; While some of this may sound a little hockey, Suze cuts to the chase in terms of how our thoughts and well being impact on our financial freedom. This guide also contains great practical financial advice as well. Well worth the effort.

and one more for fun!

Now, for those of you who want to give 'The Law of Attraction' a try here is one for you :)

'Happy Money' By Laina Buenostar; For only 99 cents from Amazon, even I am going to give this one a go.... and I'll happily eat my words if it works. Of course I'll be eating them from the spa bath in a seven star resort somewhere....

Happy Reading!

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