Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Memory Child: Unsettling and Upsetting

Right from the outset it is clear that something is a little 'off' about the situation new mother 'Diane' finds herself in.

Seemingly abandoned by her (up until this point at least) wonderfully attentive husband Brian, molly coddled by her live in Nanny and avoided by everyone else; Diane's only joy comes from her almost suffocating love for her newborn daughter, Claire.

Only feeling comfort when holding or looking at Claire, Diane's unease with the other relationships in her life escalates to near panic levels.

Holmes reveals her plot as a winding country road reveals the landscape. Each corner presenting a puzzle piece of insights into the past and present lives of Diane and Brian.

While the twists and turns may be designed to confuse and puzzle, I was sure from very early on that the destination of this particular literary journey was not going to be a 'happy place'.

'The Memory Child' travels difficult terrain, dealing with postpartum psychosis, abortion and death.
Steena Holmes handles her subject matter with great care and while we may not always 'like' Diane, I am sure many of us can relate to her and in the final analysis, her pain.

'The Memory Child' is best read when something 'light and fluffy' will not do and a serious read is required.
Though for those already feeling a little grey and bleak... maybe bookmark this one for later and check out my 'Life Kick- Starters' instead:)

As always, may your reading opportunities be frequent and long!

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