Monday, 20 October 2014

'In Death': A series to love 'long term'!

 A few weeks ago I let loose a Facebook teaser after discovering a series that seemed to be always on point, despite having well over thirty books to its' name.

I was nervous about sharing at that time, in case the quality was not maintained; but after conducting some scientific analysis (i.e. reading the five first books), I feel confident enough to let you in on the excellence that is the 'In Death' series by J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts)

The 'In Death' novels chronicle the investigations of Lt. Eve Dallas, a detective who, like many of her fictitious counterparts, has a talent for getting deeply and personally involved in the murderous cases she seeks to solve.

I can almost hear you thinking, 'I have read this before!' and 'Why hook up with another feisty female detective?' and 'I already have Jack Daniels, I don't need Eve Dallas...'.

I am sure I can convince you otherwise with this short list of two reasons, to launch yourself into 'In Death'.

Reason number 1: In Death is set in the (not too distant) future, where life is simultaneously familiar and wildly different. Guns are antiques and (for the most part) play no part in crime. People succumb to their shallowest urges and faces and bodies are more perfect (and yet more fake) than even the most aspirant Botox user could currently hope to achieve. Robb has created a 'future world' that is extrapolated from our own, and therefore recognisable enough for the reader to feel comfortable in. The differences however set these books apart, giving them a flavour all of their own, a unique and engaging edge over similar crime fiction series.

Reason number 2: I offer for consideration the intimacy between Eve and her (ubiquitous) multi-billionaire squeeze  'Roarke' (yes, as in Cher and Madonna). Believe it or not, these (steamy) pages are actually worth reading, a massive step up from crap like Fifty Shades and away from the common author mistake of 'over share' on the details (in honour of my last statement, I am not going to over share examples of 'over share'!). Eve and Roarke have an attraction that the reader can believe in, without having to accept it was a) instantaneous and b) based on nothing more than a smoldering first glance.
It is a rare and amazing treat to be able to read EVERY page of a book without the usual problem of boring and transactional 'romance'.

I admit, I cannot know for sure that book six through thirty nine will be as immensely readable as the first five, but at this stage I am more than willing to drop the cash to find out!

Reader heaven, a nearly inexhaustible supply of sure things!

If you would like to sample some of the 'In Death' Series, all thirty nine books are available for purchase from via the link below.

'In Death Series' By J D Robb

All purchases made through this link will support Little Miss Kindle :)
Many thanks!

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