Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Great Book Resurrection

Bring out the bad eighties clothes and big hair, I am going BACK IN TIME! Not literally back in time of course, but literature-ally (still making up words I see....) BACK IN TIME!

I have given myself permission to reread all those books that sent budding book worms like me scurrying to the library to put our names on the wait list for the latest and greatest.
I realise that the above paragraph shows my age, but it is worth it to be able to share some of the pure gold from my reading genesis.

Will the gold be as real as I remember, or will I be left with pages of tripe to read? 

Stay tuned as I reveal my first re- read tomorrow. This book predates even my obsession with 'Young Guns' and is the first real block buster I remember reading....I wonder if you can guess it's Title?

A clue.... part of it's Title might just grow in your garden!

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