Monday, 2 March 2015

'Wild' By Cheryl Strayed: Be Inspired to reboot your life!

Some books inspire you to cuddle up under and blanket and just read, other books have you itching to get outside and discover life; and wonderfully, some books do both!

Half way through 'Wild' I found myself daydreaming about adventures and epic life changing journeys I could make (many of them completely unachievable but equally compelling) in my own dusty, cobweb filled hiking boots.

Part of the attraction, for me, as well as for the author and trekker Cheryl Strayed, was the idea of being completely alone.

Alone to decipher the world and our place in it.

Who hasn't hit a wall in life and wanted to step outside of it to make sense of things, to decide what needed encouragement and what a full stop?

There are not many of us who have had the chance, or the courage, to take the first step of such a journey and I admit it is inspiring to read the memoir of one who did.

Cheryl Strayed hiked eleven hundred miles of the Pacific Crest Trail not only as a challenge to her physical body, but to put physical distance between herself and the tangled mess her life had become since the death of her Mother.

While not all Strayed's life choices make her a role model, her courage and tenacity (and her ability to live off $20 a fortnight) certainly do! I loved this book for the adventurous spark it lit in my belly and for the joy of watching someone 'get their stuff' together in the space of one beautifully buoyant and inspirational book.

'Wild' is available for purchase from via the following link:

'Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.'

Other 'Buy it, Read it' Options:

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Make sure you enjoy the journey :)

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