Monday, 27 April 2015

Staying Lost in Fantasy Land....

Recently I have been quiet on the Book Review front, though I confess, I have read some really great books.
I have even read some really really great series and yet I have not shared any of page turning discoveries.

Truth is I have been a little bit nervous about revealing the extent of my fantasy fiction addiction, which is kind of awkward because for the last month or so I have wanted to do nothing more than escape from the here and now into plots where reality is wonderfully skewed, if not completely absent....

The good news is I am ready to emerge from Fantasy Land and I am bringing with me a bag of books and feature authors tempting enough to lure you away from the mundane and deliver you squarely into your own alternate bookish world.

If you are ready to roll into fantasy land read on.....

If blame for my extended silence needs to be assigned, then this is the book that needs to take responsibility!

Rich and riveting (like it's gorgeous cover art) this novel trapped me in its' snare from the outset.

Grace Draven builds a tense and enthralling fantasy thriller with a powerful and sexy hero (think 'hubba hubba' sexy nerd) and a heroine who has strong appeal based on much more than beauty (in fact she is so plain as to be physically forgettable).

With the fallen God 'Corruption' intent on stealing his soul and 'The Conclave' (those who rule the use of magic) equally desirous of destroying his life, 'Silhara' (The Master of Crows) finds himself rapidly approaching destruction. Possession or death promising to take him painfully and permanently.

Can romance and help come in the form of a Conclave spy? You bet it can, and Martise, her of the plain face and mesmerising voice enters his world.

At this point the reader can only sit back and hold on for crackling attraction, soul eaters and a God who drips with menace and reeks of rot.

'Master of Crows' dropped me fair and square into a love affair with Grace Draven..... and this is why I have decided to feature more of her work (read in a frenzy over a number of long days and nights) in future fantasy posts.

If you are willing to take the risk of entering, and perhaps losing yourself in Fantasy Land, then
'Master of Crows' is available for purchase from via the following link.

'Master of Crows' By Grace Draven

All purchases made via this link with go to support the reading and reviewing addiction of Little Miss Kindle!

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