Monday, 14 September 2015

Best Served Cold: Brutally Engaging Fantasy Fiction from Joe Abercrombie

Recently, twice in one day, I found myself being recommended Joe Abercrombie's books, from difference sources at different times in (quite obviously) different places.

Enough said, the universe had spoken, apparently I needed to read some of his work without any further delay!

For no reason other than it was the title my husband came home with and he insisted on it (bossy much?), I picked 'Best Served Cold'... as it turns out, it was a case of 'Well played Little Miss Kindle, well played.'

Somewhat like its' cover image, 'Best Served Cold' is dominated by its' strong, beautiful and brutalized heroine Monza Murcatto.

It is the story of her revenge that is 'served' over the pages of the book, with seven confronting courses offered for the reader's vicarious delight.

For me however, it was not so much the grim and brutal main course that satisfied, but the equally dark and engaging side dishes,

From the foreign fighter who seeks to be a better man to the arrogant and sociopathic poisoner (is there another kind?), to the prisoner who is counting the days (when you read it you will see the pun) until he can be back (safe) behind bars and the drunkard ex mentor who teeters between seeking his own revenge and a parental style love.

It is these characters who add the spice, poignancy and depth to the tale..... and in the case of the mysterious assassin 'Shenkt' the 'lie awake at night and cringe' horror.

If you have read my reviews before, you will know I don't do spoilers, because well, they tend to spoil things.So trust me on this one; if you like your fantasy fiction no holds barred, graphic and brutal, yet still engaging and (dare I say it) emotional, then this one is for you.

Now I am off to read some more of Mr Abercrombie's books before the universe feels the need to tell me again, this time perhaps at the end of a broad sword.

If 'Best Served Cold' sounds like your cup of home brewed sour ale, then you can find it for download or purchase from via the following link.

'Best Served Cold' By Joe Abercrombie

ps: While this book is set in an existing 'Abercrombie' world, it can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone.

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