Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Little Miss Kindle's 'Authors of Excellence' : The (Temporary) Definitive list.

I have read a lot of books in my time; in fact if my Kindle library is anything to go by (using mathematical tools such as extrapolation, estimation and exaggeration) I have read, well, a bloody lot.
If I have reviewed a book in Little Miss Kindle, I liked it, enjoyed the read, considered it time well spent.
If I didn't like a book, well I simply put it aside and moved on, not being in the business of crushing hard working authors with any stinging words or pithy criticisms.

I reckon though, that some authors deserve more, they deserve to be lifted above the ranks of the mere good, or even the great. Some Authors have reached a level of excellence surpassing their creative peers.

Authors whose stories leap so far off the page that their readers are standing within their worlds, surrounded by the plot, living with the characters. Feeling the fear, the cold, the love, the happiness.
Laughing out loud, grieving, experiencing.

In honour of these few brilliants, I have decided to compile a list of those Authors who I consider a cut above, Of course this list will change and hopefully grow as my reading takes me in new directions and new discoveries are made.

Now for some logistics; due to the sheer scope of the job at hand I have split the list into genres, and being me, I have decided to start with a fun one; (unnecessary drum roll please!) 'Epic Fantasy Fiction'.

There is definitely more to come as I ponder the difference between good and great, entertaining and excellent; but for the moment, please hold your applause until the end as I unveil,

The Little Miss Kindle 'Authors of Excellence' List: 

In the category of Epic Fantasy Fiction:

Game of Throne = EPIC

Maybe not the original, but certainly close to being the best; the amazing, if not frustrating George R.R. Martin. As per my earlier post (An Open Letter to George R. R. Martin), Winter is coming! But who am I to quibble, his epic novels are certainly worthy of the title 'Most Excellent'.

If not the original, then the original was no good, of course I refer to Tolkien; Cher before Cher, Madonna before Madge. He of the the one name (initials don't count) and the heartrendingly beautiful 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, as well as many other wonderful fantasy novels and accompanying guides. Props to you Mr Tolkien.

A new (to me anyway) kid on the block, Mark Lawrence has snatched the 'epic fantasy' baton and run with it. I love his books, so vicious yet deep, gory and funny. Bottom line, beyond entertaining, moving into the territory of the life absorbing (books that rob you of days and nights of productive life).
A wonderful 'Book Circle' recommendation, thanks to my good and well read friend Megan.

Then there is the inspiring and thoughtful J K Rowling, whose fantasy works are so good as to almost be cliche. In my opinion, the Harry Potter series was written like an earthquake. Starting small and light and increasing in intensity with each new book; until the finale where readers were shaken and broken before being released into peace and relief and joy.

Now I know what you are thinking, I have missed a LOT of excellent authors. It is true I have, however never fear as:

a) I have split my authors into more categories than the Oscars.... after all, we are not here to read War and Peace (in one sitting anyway)!

b) I want to hear your thoughts. Who have I missed? Who don't I know about? Guide my reading, I will be eternally grateful.

Stay tuned for more 'Definitive and Temporary' Lists.

;) Little Miss Kindle

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