Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Castle Doctrine: Daniel Faust rides again (YES!!!).

God I love Daniel Faust. He is just the right combination of conflicted and naughty to keep me interested.
So it will come as no surprise that I was delighted to crack the (digital) spine of book 6 in Craig Schaefer's amazing and addictive series.

'The Castle Doctrine' rolls seamlessly on from the previous volumes, with Daniel battling his immediate problems (a 3000 year old ego maniacal necromancer and a 30 something gangster with Daddy issues) while trying to unravel the mystery behind the series continuing theme; defeating the seemingly all powerful 'smiling man'.

More so that in other volumes, I was left wondering who was truly friend and foe.
Certainly Daniel's girlfriend, Hell hound Caitlin is a head scratcher.
Does she love him, is she even capable of  love?
Or is she playing a long game? Gradually, with each sweet encouraging nod in the direction of violence and mayhem, honing Daniel into the ultimate weapon to use in the service of Hell?

Certainly Daniel grows ever darker with each succeeding book; leaping across moral lines in 'The Castle Doctrine' that were most definitely left uncrossed in previous books.

So in the face of my growing unease, did I enjoy my reading time as Daniel shot, stabbed and magicked his way though the pages of this book? You betcha I did!

If you share my love for magic mixed with taut story telling and a billowing sense of encroaching doom, then you need to jump on board this series!
Do me a favor, start at the beginning; you will enjoy the show!

Happy Reading!
xoxox LMK

Buy it, Read it!

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